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Leonie’s company KidsLink was recommended to our family by our son's psychologist, we felt he needed help relating to other children, his own age, and a group session with other children would be helpful. He had been under the psychologist for Anxiety and OCD issues.

We approached Leonie to discuss our son's needs and to see what her opinions were and what was the best approach for him.

Leonie is a fantastic communicator and kept my husband and I up to date with our sons progress, throughout the course of each term and with a one on one catch up session at the end of term, this was to discuss how our son was progressing and what she was working on with him and ideas for us to follow at home.

Her method is very creative and innovative, she uses art as a way for the children to express themselves, she uses many different mediums ie sculpture, painting, collage, drawing and building.

The children also play games to encourage team work, and to teach the children to be aware of the other children's feelings and to read their expressions.

In the 18 months that my son attended Leonie's workshops he improved by becoming more confident, able to filter his stories more affectively and be more aware of other peoples interest in his stories, to play board games in a more positive manner and basically relate to the other children better.

He loved going to the Saturday sessions and was so very proud of the art work he brought home and the stories of what they had accomplished that day.

I would highly recommend Leonie and her team to any family whose child needs help relating to other children and those children that need their confidence boosted. She is a wonderful communicator and has a sensational vision with children.

Louise Burfitt